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This page contains rights managed photographs chosen by Rick that may be used in printed editorial or used on the Internet....

Please note that limited permission is given to use these photos (and any others I or Rick’s Management may supply direct to you) without a fee subject to the following conditions:

  1. 1.  I am advised in advance when and where the images will be used - Contact Me

  2. 2.  Lee Wilkinson retains the copyright of these images and is without fail credited as the photographer and copyright holder.

  3. 3.  In print this should be alongside or over the image(s) and where space permits should include both copyright notice and website address:

     e.g. Photos © Lee Wilkinson 2017 - www.lwmultimedia.co.uk

  1. 4.  Online, where possible a link is created to this website as part of the credit.

     e.g. © Lee Wilkinson 2017 or Photo: © Lee Wilkinson etc.

(Any of my photos published without adhering to the above will be subject to a fee of £50 per image per use.)

Print files are Adobe RGB (1998) 240dpi, Screen files are JPEG sRGB 72dpi.

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Piano Portraits (2017)...

ARW - Anderson Rabin Wakeman (2017)...



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